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Prima Maroni Kft.

Company info:

Prima Maroni Kft.
Established: 1989
Registration number: 01-09-063619
Tax code: 10317376-2-43
CEOs: Schweickhardt György és Schweickhardt András

Contact info:

Phone: 06-1/277-7150 (8-16 óra)
Mobil: 06-20/344-00-45 (8-16 óra)
Postal address: H-1211 Budapest, Déli-bekötő u. 8.

New products

High quality roasted, peeled whole natural Maroni chestnut is good for healthy party snacks and side dishes.

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Széchenyi 2020
Új gesztenyefeldolgozási technológiát fejleszt a Prima Maroni Kft.

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